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    Circular Economy

    At MØNSTER VALLEY, we believe in pursuing a balance between products, people, and nature. We want to be conscious members of the ecosystem–not marauders. To that end, we support a circular economy, creating innovative apparel in sustainable ways.

    A circular economy keeps resources in the economic system for as long as possible in an effort to eliminate waste, pollution, climate change, and biodiversity loss. A linear economy works on a “take, make, and waste” model, consuming resources that can’t be renewed. Most of the world has been operating in linear-economy mode for quite awhile, and as we all know, it’s gotten us into some serious trouble.

    The three goals of a circular economy:


    Design out waste and pollution.


    Keep products and materials in use.


    Regenerate natural systems.

    The three goals of a circular economy:
    1. Design out waste and pollution
    2. Keep products and materials in use
    3. Regenerate natural systems

    MØNSTER VALLEY takes always a close look at it's suppliers, products and production. This allows us a lot of flexibility to reimagine and improve products, making them more sustainable and multifunctional. Being close to production also helps us ensure higher quality control. First-rate products last longer so they can be loved by you for years or passed on to multiple people. Hand-me-downs, hand-me-ups, hand-me-arounds–whatever you call them, friends, family, or buyers will enjoy clothes that are new to them. One last happy note: In-house manufacturing also reduces transportation emissions.

    We believe that getting outside helps us connect with nature and appreciate our environment. So we create gear that forges a seamless link between work, life, and Mother Earth–clothes that make living a friluftsliv lifestyle easy.

    One of our sustainability programs helps reduce waste through reuse and responsible waste management. We accept used clothing and make it available for others to use. Gear that cannot be reused is recycled or disposed of in the most energy efficient way.

    MØNSTER VALLEY supports the circular economy now, and we will continually innovate and progress by:

    • Designing quality, durable, multifunctional gear that lasts longer
    • Creating channels for reusing, repairing, sharing, leasing, and recycling products
    • Manufacturing in innovative ways that produce less waste and pollution
    • Using renewable materials that protect human health and regenerate the environment
    • Creating products that encourage people to explore the outdoors and value nature
    • Building long-term customer relationships by providing information and inspiration
    • Supporting worker well-being and responsible sourcing


    MØNSTER VALLEY is excited about the potential of a circular economy. We run our business as its own little micro-circular economy, and we do our part to support global change. We’re committed to continuously evolving our products and processes to better serve people and our planet.