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    Good gears are like loyal friends. They will always be by your side wherever you go. Let’s keep them going and grow old together. Thus, we’ve put together some instructions for you to get the most out of your gear in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. We will cover care and repair respectively below.

    Wash and Care

    As you continue to go out on new adventures, your gear will inevitably get exposed to elements like mud, sand, water, gravel, grass, snow, and salt, which can degrade your clothing and shoes. Here we would like to offer all monsters some generic tips on how to take care of your gears. But of course, you should always start by checking the instructions in the care label on your gears.

    1.Washing and caring for a MØNSTER VALLEY jacket

    For the jacket cleaner, it is best to choose a special conditioner for jackets, of course, you can also use a neutral laundry detergent that does not contain softener and bleach. There are three main purposes of cleaning and maintaining jackets:

    • As the wearing time of the jacket increases, it will inevitably cause wearing stains, which is the most basic cleaning requirement.
    • When wearing a jacket, there will be fine dust and particles floating in the atmosphere concentrated in the depths of the surface layer of the center jacket fabric. As you wear it longer, th ese dust and particles will gradually block the waterproof and breathable film in the middle layer, affecting the breathability of the jacket.
    • The metabolism of the human body will continuously cause tiny dander and oil to fall off and stick to the inner lining of the jacket, and will gradually accumulate and block the waterproof and breathable film in the middle layer, which also affects the breathability of the jacket. You must know that dander and the like are all proteins. With the increase of time, the accumulated dirt will even produce fragrant changes. These are things that are very difficult to directly observe with our naked eye.

    If you use machine wash, close all zippers on the jacket before washing. The water temperature is set to 85F. It is recommended to rinse twice. If you hand wash, soak for five minutes first, then gently rub and wash, and stubborn dirty spots can be cleaned with a soft brush.

    Under normal circumstances, our jackets can be dried. Of course, if the high rotation speed of the machine concerns you, you can also choose to dry it naturally. In addition, if you need to restore the water-repellent performance of the jacket fabric, you should take the method of natural drying.

    2.Washing and caring for a MØNSTER VALLEY products with down insulation

    A down jacket that has been worn for a long time may accumulate a lot of stains or become loose. At this time, you need to wash it. Proper cleaning of down jackets is very important to maintain the performance of down jackets and prolong their service life. Down jackets can be washed with neutral laundry detergent or special cleaning and care products. In order to better maintain your down jackets, it is recommended to use professional down jacket detergents.

    Please only wash your down jacket when needed and reduce the number of washings. Before cleaning, carefully read the washing instruction on the label inside the down jacket. Dry cleaning is not recommended to avoid irreparable damage.

    The neckline, cuffs and hem of the down jacket are prone to stubborn dirt, which can be pre-washed before entering the normal washing step. To remove stubborn stains, first focus on the stained area with detergent. Soak the stained area for 10-15 minutes and gently rub the fabric with your hands to avoid excessive scrubbing. You can also use a soft brush to clean the stained area.

    3. Washing and caring for a MØNSTER VALLEY shoes

    If your shoes become dirty, clean them immediately after use, do not leave them dirty for long time. Corrosive natural chemicals can work their way into the materials and start to slowly decay and rot them thus weakening the overall strength of the shoes. The best way to clean your shoes is to immediately rinse them under clean tap water with a soft bristled brush. For soap, use a mild soap or mild detergent. If possible, remove the insoles and let them dry naturally. Do not under any circumstances place shoes in a clothes dryer, on top of a heater, near an open flame, or leave in direct hot sunlight.


    Good friendship lasts a lifetime, so do your garments, we believe. But as you know, most clothings isn't totally immune to little mishaps and many years of hard use. However, that shouldn’t be the reason for them to end up in landfills! Rather than throwing them away, here we want to offer a little help for you to rescue that jacket, shirt or pair of trousers in time for your next adventure.

    1. DIY Repair:

    • If you are handy and well equipped, you should be able to repair most of your clothes by yourself. There are plenty of helpful videos on Youtube. After you fix your clothes, contact us with your order information and repair details. Our customer service team will evaluate the cost of your DIY repairs, and then issue a refund to you to reward your efforts or donate the refund to one of your favorite charities.
    • If you are not a handy person, you can always go to your favorite tailor to get professional help. After your tailor fixes your clothes, please contact us with your repair details and receipt. We will reimburse you up to the full original value of the clothes.
    2. Mail-in repair services:

    We are working on establishing a mail-in repair service with all costs covered by us for all eligible products purchased on our website. Stay tuned and we will keep you updated. Leave your email here so we can notify you when this service is launched.