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    About Monster Valley


    The Monstervalley brand was founded in 2021 and is located in a small village in the mountains near Grenoble. It aims to create travel equipment for outdoor sports enthusiasts. A year later, the company produced the first tactical trouser suit for outdoor needs. Over the past three years, this occupation of resisting the outdoor environment has developed into a global phenomenon and sports luxury icon.


    The origin of this name lies in its roots: Monstervalley is actually an abbreviation for all adventurous and outdoor sports. Here, our craftsmen founded this company in 2021. The company will continue to produce famous outdoor clothing, create to protect enthusiasts who love the outdoors, and provide high resistance and protection against the harshest weather. This kind of expedition has withstood the test.


    Monstervalley integrated and flexible online business model is geared towards having direct control of the phases that add the greatest value, putting the pursuit of ever-increasing quality, the satisfaction of consumers and the adoption of stringent sustainability standards.


    Monstervalley success is based on a unique brand strategy that pursue the development of innovative products that are strongly “anchored” to the DNA of the Brand in which heritage, uniqueness, quality, creativity and innovation coexist. The Monstervalley Man and Monstervalley Woman collections are at the core of the Brand, responding to the needs of different consumers and to multiple uses.