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    CORDURA® The brand is legendary in terms of performance-orientated fabric technology. Robust, versatile, reliable and durable. The original and durable DORDURA fabric is designed for life, is durable and has proben its performance in many of the world's harshest environments. It is made of high-strength air-jet textured nylon.


    • Abrasion resistance
    • Strong tear strength
    • Water repellent-finished product
    • 100% high-sterngth nylon

    YKK QuickFree®

    YKK The originator of the zipper industry and represents the industry standard because it adopts Japan's precise craftsmanship, raw materials and management methods.


    • Safe and quick release

    POLARTEC | Malden Mills POLARTEC

    Polartec® The first company to knit, fuzz and cut synthetic yarns into warm fabrics for outdoor clothing. The polyester fiber has been carefully designed to be durable for several uses. Strong elasticity, light warmth and quick-drying.


    High-quality polyester yarns are used because of their hydrophobic properties to repel moisture and speed up drying time. The loft structure creates hot air pockets to keep warm and still allows for the maximum breath ability.


    • Heat gathering
    • Moisture repellent


    PRIMALOFT® Committed to innovation that allows you to stay warm, dry and comfortable PrimaLoft is used by more than 900 brands, and is popular among Olympians, designers, the Army, and explorers.


    Materials are made of tiny fibers, the thinner the fiber, the softer the material. PrimaLoft fibers are thinner than human hair.


    • Heat gathering
    • Water repellent


    Graphene Two-dimensional material with a hexagonal honeycomb lattice composed of carbon atoms and sp2 hybrid orbitals. Essentially a transparent and good conductor.


    Materials have outstanding warmth retention properties. Heat is stored for a long time, so as to achieve a constant temperature environment.


    • Temperature locking