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    LØPER: The Multifunctional Trail Running Jacket

    LØPER: The Multifunctional Running Jacket
    A wind-resistant, waterproof, ultra-breathable jacket that has you covered for trail running, active living, or casual wear.
    Fully Waterproof
    You still want to get out and exercise, explore, or just go about your everyday routine when it's humid or rainy, and that becomes far easier with a protective jacket that is truly waterproof.
    Yep, there's nothing like staying dry on a soggy day, right?
    No Wind, No Chilly Worries
    The LØPER jacket is windproof, made with an exclusive fabric that blocks the wind but entirely breathable, allowing water vapor to pass through, keeping you warm, dry and protected.
    Unparalleled Venting: Breathable and Antibacterial
    The LØPER features a 360º breathing system with underarm vents. Without letting cold or wind in, the jacket allows for a venting experience that prevents you from sweating and feeling uncomfortable. The jacket's antibacterial fabric repels and eliminates odors.
    Stowable and Packable: Always Ready to Go
    It's super easy to fold, stow, and carry your LØPER jacket. Extremely compact and lightweight, you can take it anywhere, any time.
    Oversized Capacity for Your Essentials
    We designed the LØPER jacket with an oversized hidden storage pocket and a variety of smaller hidden pockets. They all stay discretely concealed when you don't need them, never adding needless volume or bulkiness. When you do need to carry your essentials, like your wallet or phone, these pockets hold them safely and conveniently.
    Hands In, Thumbs Up
    You're really gonna love this. Our uniquely designed jacket has thumb holes to keep your sleeves in place and your hands free. Waterproof cuffs extend over your hands for extra protection and warmth if you need it.
    For Security in a Snap, Blow the Whistle
    Our multifunctional jacket has a hidden zipper whistle for safety. While cruising the city or hiking a mountain, if you're in danger or need help, sound the alarm with this handy whistle.
    Staying Safer: High-Visibility Reflective Strip
    The LØPER is designed with a high-visibility reflective strip. Run in the dark with peace of mind, knowing drivers, cyclists, and others can see you. You'll be safe, seen, and stylish day or night!
    Design Concept
    On The Grid
    Our Factory
    Multiple Functions for Multiple Scenarios
    Your biking, trekking, hiking, and running adventures are about to take off with the multifunctional convenience of the LØPER jacket from Monster Valley. From keeping you warm and dry when it’s humid and rainy to protecting you from bugs, this jacket works like a ninja: it has stealth solutions for multiple challenges.
    Our Factory
    By partnering with the best, ethical factories, we are able to ensure quality by monitoring the entire process, from sourcing the finest materials to directly shipping our products to your door. That means we can continually innovate to make your sportswear more functional.
    How to pre-order?

    Simply click the pre-order button and in the next page select your style, color and size. You will then be able to purchase your jackets with discount (limited time only) for delivery in November 2022.

    How do I clean my jacket?

    Wash with cold water (86°F), tumble dry with medium heat (125°F), iron on low heat (230°F). Do not bleach

    What is the actual color of the branding on the hoodie and sleeve?
    We will use some reflective material so that it can hardly be seen in the daytime, but only in the light of the night.
    How many pockets does this jacket have?
    7 pockets in total.
    How about waterproof?
    It provides light rain level protection which enables a comfortable running experience on rainy day.
    Still need help?

    We’ve got you covered. Shoot us an email over at and we’ll be happy to sort things out.

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