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About Us


What do you get when you mix serial entrepreneurs that would rather be out in the wilderness than any type of office? Monster Valley!

Monster Valley inspired by the Norwegian concept “Friluftsliv", living a life freely in open air, we advocate for an outdoor lifestyle, being close to nature at anytime, anywhere; pursuing a seamless connection between work, life and sports. We are committed to promoting a better balance between the environment, apparel and people,

“helping all of us to enjoy new outdoor experiences”


“We strive to provide an unparalleled experience, ”

For all different activities and environment conditions while minimizing the amount of apparels needed by embracing our apparel's multifunctionality.


Our unique in-house manufacturing and team of designers, allows us to consciously improve and create high-quality products, focusing on its practical & protective functions, without sacrificing their trendy style.

“We proudly use the following state of the art technologies in our various products. ”

always having in mind an environmentally conscious approach, in order to preserve our playground, the earth. From the most innovative and safest products production to the cleanest recyclable packaging, we pay close attention to every step of the product journey.

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Company: Chongqing Qiangyuanjian Trading Co., Ltd.

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